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Hot арзон дар Чин қисмҳои ивазшаванда дар Ғарбии Йоркшир, Шоҳигарии Муттаҳида фурӯхта мешавад Wpa Gearbox Shaft Design Worm Gear Speed ​​Reducer бо сифати баланд

Hot арзон дар Чин қисмҳои ивазшаванда дар Ғарбии Йоркшир, Шоҳигарии Муттаҳида фурӯхта мешавад Wpa Gearbox Shaft Design Worm Gear Speed ​​Reducer бо сифати баланд

We – EPG Team the largest gearbox & motors , couplings and gears manufacturing facility in China with 5 different branches. For a lot more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086~13083988828 13858117778083988828


observe of installation

(1) The base-plate need to be airplane and stoutness and the foundation-plate need to be screwed down and shock proof.

(2) The connecting shaft of key mover, reducer and operation unit should be coaxial set up.

(3) The diameter tolerance zone of enter and output shaft is H6, the holes of fittings( this sort of as couplings, belt-pully, sprocket wheel and so on) must properly mate the shaft, which prevents bearing from breakage simply because of over-unfastened mate.

(4)  Motorists this sort of as sprocker wheel and equipment need to be fitted close to bearings in buy to lessen bending anxiety of hanging shaft.

(5) While assembling motor of WPD reducer, it is essential that proper volume of butter applies to the warm shaft enter gap and keyway, keeping away from assembling way too tightly and rusting after using for a extended time.

(6) When ordering or using all kinds of WPD variety, if the motor weight is even bigger than the widespread, supporting set is needed.


 notice of use

(1) Before utilizing, make sure you examine carefully whether or not the reducer model, distance, ratio, enter connecting technique , output shaft structure, enter and output shaft route and revolving course accord with essential.

(2) According to the requirement of deciding on lubricant oil in the item manual. You should fill correct classification and model lubricant. And then screw on the vent-plug, unlock the tiny cone-plug of vent-plug. Only after undertaking these, reducer is presently for starting up up operating. The proper manufacturer and ample lubricant oil is essential, replacing oil in time conforming to the ask for of product manual is also necessary, specially right after utilizing very first 100hours, it is needed refilling new oil.

(3) When abnormal situations happen, you should stop and check out reducer for every remedies and causes for faults of reducer(allowable optimum oil temperature is 95, underneath this temperature restrict, if oil temperature no a lot more goes up, you should allow reducer keep on working). 

  Энергияи вуруд (KW)

Product Ratio 10 понздаҳ 20 бисту панҷ сӣ 40 50 60
чил .чор .33 .26 .24 .22 .16 .14 o.twelve
50 .sixty five .52 .40 .37 .34 .27 .24 .бист
шаст 1.00 .ҳаштоду ду .65 .59 .54 .чилу панҷ .бародаро .32
70 як 1.35 1. тен .ninety six .82 .sixty seven .sixty one . панҷоҳу ду
ҳаштодум ду. 20. 1. ҳафтод ҳашт 1.36 як one.twenty .90 .80 .75
сад се.60 3. тен 2.60 2.35 two.ten як як 1.00
саду бист 5.20 чор.35 се.50 3. бисту панҷ 3.00 ду. 20. 1.90 як. панҷоҳ
саду сию панҷ нӯҳ.75 ҳафт шаш. 00 five.fifty панҷум 3.69 ду. 89. ду. 30.
147 10.71 ҳашт 6.18 5. ҳафтод як 5.23 се.84 се.09 2.52
саду панҷоҳ панҷ 12.80 9. наваду ҳафт 6.53 6.00 чор.40 се.61 3.00
175 ҳабдаҳ.30 13. шаст даҳ.00 9. сенздаҳ 8. сӣ 6.18 four.eighty five 4.07
ду сад 22.60 18. бист сенздаҳум 12. ҳафтод панҷ eleven.sixty seven ҳашт шаш. 71 5.58
250 33. бист 27. бароҳат 21. шаст бисту 00 eighteen.forty three 14.00 ten.forty three eight.sixty two


1.Item resources
All the merchandise offered in this retailer are ZhenYu manufacturer,factory-immediate sale,no branch

the Linear guide will constantly with motor,driver and controller to be a full management technique that we can provide 

two.Product variety
Just before purchasing, make sure you get in touch with us to verify the design no and requirements to avoid any misunderstanding.

Sample fee need to be entirely paid out before manufacturing, for bulk order, 50% ept is needed and equilibrium just before shipment.

Paypal is acknowledged.

4.Дар бораи
Samples in inventory will be delivered inside of 7 days and custom-made samples will be sent in 30 times.

Shipping and delivery date for bulk buy relies upon on order quantity.


The use of unique equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) part numbers or trademarks , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating product use and compatibility. Our firm and the outlined substitute parts contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or manufactured by the OEM.

Hot арзон дар Чин қисмҳои ивазшаванда дар Ғарбии Йоркшир, Шоҳигарии Муттаҳида фурӯхта мешавад Wpa Gearbox Shaft Design Worm Gear Speed ​​Reducer бо сифати баланд

Hot арзон дар Чин қисмҳои ивазшаванда дар Ғарбии Йоркшир, Шоҳигарии Муттаҳида фурӯхта мешавад Wpa Gearbox Shaft Design Worm Gear Speed ​​Reducer бо сифати баланд

Барои маълумоти иловагӣ бо мо тамос гиред → https://www.ever-power.net/contact-us/

Ҳамеша хуш омадед барои пурсидани ҳама гуна иттилоот! Лутфан бо мо тамос гиред!

Қайд кардан лозим аст

Агар шумо ягон дархост дошта бошед, лутфан ин формаро пур кунед ва мо дар муддати 24 соат ба шумо посух хоҳем дод.

категорияҳои Маҳсулоти


1. Станси сиёҳ: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416, SS420
2. Steel:C45(K1045), C46(K1046),C20
3. Браса: C36000 (C26800), C37700 (HPb59), C38500 (HPb58), C27200 (CuZn37), C28000 (CuZn40)
4. Бронза: C51000, C52100, C54400, ва ғ
5. Iron: 1213, 12L14,1215
6. Алюминий: Al6061, Al6063
7.OEM мувофиқи дархости шумо


Тавсия, канонизатсияи табиӣ, коркарди гармӣ, сайқал додан, никел додан, хромкунӣ, хромкунии руҳ, пассивизатсияи зард, пассивизатсияи тилло, атлас, Рӯйи сиёҳ ва ғайра.

Усули коркард

Коркарди CNC, шкалаи, гардиш, фрезерӣ, пармакунӣ, суфтакунӣ, брошинг, кафшер ва монтаж

QC & Шаҳодатнома

Техникҳо худидоракунии истеҳсолотро месанҷанд, санҷиши ниҳоӣ пеш аз баст аз ҷониби нозири касбии сифат

ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001: 2001, ISO / TS 16949: 2009

Бастабандӣ ва вақти роҳбарӣ

Андоза: расмҳо

Парвандаи чӯбӣ / контейнер ва поддон, ё тибқи мушаххасоти фармоишӣ.

15-25days намунаҳо. 30-45days фармоишӣ

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